Two Words That Can Motivate You To Exercise


Words that can motivate you to exercise

The words we use matter.  They can lift others up toward success or they can tear people down in a hot second.

The words we choose when we speak to others are incredibly important.  However, how we talk about ourselves and our own life is equally as important.  Words can create either a positive or negative perspective. The subconscious does not know right from wrong.  It simply records information, so it’s up to us to wire it for success.  Sometimes that includes changing old habits.

Years ago, a a life coach helped me change a habit that can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.  At the time, I was using  the phrase “have to” way to often.  We all have things we believe we “have to” do like taxes, cleaning out the garage, organizing the sock drawer, and for some people,  exercising.  The problem with approaching any of these tasks from the perspective of “have to”, is it comes from a negative place.  The phrase “have to” suggests to your subconscious that the task is an obligation and that it is required.  As humans we are wired to seek the positive.  If you are trying to operate from a negative point of view, it puts you in direct conflict with your subconscious.  This can cause procrastination, stress, overwhelm, and flat out rebellion.

The phrase “have to” is one that can subtly creep into our vocabulary without us even realizing it.  The truth is, there’s not much in life that we HAVE TO do but there is a lot in life that we GET TO do.  When you use the phrase “get to” you are coming from a place of gratitude and appreciation. It’s positive.

For example:

  • The house I have to clean is really the house I get to clean because I have a roof over my head.
  • The dog walk I have to do is really the exercise I get to do because I am healthy and have wonderful dogs.
  • The work I have to do is really work I get to do because I am blessed to have clients that want to work with me.

When I began looking at each task from a place of gratitude, I became way more productive, my follow through improved, and I was able to find the joy in the task.  Talk about a total mind shift!

Exercise is something we “get to” do and I recommend you pick movement that you enjoy.  However, even a routine that’s fun can seem like a chore if we look at it as an obligation rather than  a choice.  Next time you tell someone (or yourself) it’s time for you to exercise, remember to say I “get to” exercise today and see how your perspective begins to shift.

Life is a precious gift, a gift that is much more enjoyable when we choose to see it that way.

Here’s to a week filled with things you “get to” do!

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