Twelve Great Reasons To “Go Green” With Your Exercise

Twelve great reasons to exercise outdoors

Green exercise is considered any form of activity that takes place in urban green spaces like city parks and campuses maintained by people, or in natural green spaces with minimal human upkeep.

Growing research continues to show us that being active in nature boosts your body, mind, and spirt.  Activities like hiking through a forest, cycling through your neighborhood park, and walking along a river are proving to feel good to most people and there is evidence that confirms the benefits.

Some of the benefits of being active in nature compared to the same activites indoors are:

  • more stress relief
  • clearer thinking
  • improved attention and concentration
  • enhanced mood and a happier outlook
  • less anxiety
  • greater self confidence
  • more vitality
  • feeling more refreshed
  • reduced pain sensations
  • less fatigue for the same amount of physical work
  • improved quantity and quality of evening sleep
  • enhanced mindfulness or being more present in the moment

Years ago, I gave up the gym and switched the majority of my exercise to the great outdoors.  It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my own personal health and wellness.

If you normally like to exercise indoors or at the gym, I recommend mixing things up a bit and giving “green” exercise a try.  I’m not suggesting you give up what is working for you or something you really enjoy. Try alternating your indoor workouts with some outdoor workouts or leisure activities. If it turns out that you aren’t crazy about exercising outdoors you can always go back to your original routine.

Here are some samples of outdoor activities to help you get started.

  • Hike a trail
  • Walk and eat your lunch at a park
  • Walk around a lake or reservoir
  • Walk your dog at a park
  • Play with your kids at the park
  • Play frisbee or another leisure sport on the grass
  • Try light jogging or cycling through a park
  • Paddle a boat or a board on a lake

I recommend you get creative and experiment with what works for you.  Personally, I find that being next to the ocean offers many of the same health benefits I listed above.   Allow yourself to discover where your happy place is that contributes the best to your overall health and well being.  Here’s to a happy and healthy week!

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How To Perform A “V” Squat

Most people only have so much time that they can or want to dedicate to their strength training routine. That is why I like simple, yet effective, exercises that you can perform anytime and anywhere. The “V” Squat is exactly that. It is simple to do and requires zero equipment. Plus, it works your legs while challenging your core. Bonus!

In the video below I demonstrate how to perform the V Squat. The video is under two minutes and whether you are a beginner or a more advanced exerciser, this move is sure to help you tone and strengthen your muscles. Enjoy the video and have a great week!

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Two Words That Can Motivate You To Exercise


Words that can motivate you to exercise

The words we use matter.  They can lift others up toward success or they can tear people down in a hot second.

The words we choose when we speak to others are incredibly important.  However, how we talk about ourselves and our own life is equally as important.  Words can create either a positive or negative perspective. The subconscious does not know right from wrong.  It simply records information, so it’s up to us to wire it for success.  Sometimes that includes changing old habits.

Years ago, a a life coach helped me change a habit that can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.  At the time, I was using  the phrase “have to” way to often.  We all have things we believe we “have to” do like taxes, cleaning out the garage, organizing the sock drawer, and for some people,  exercising.  The problem with approaching any of these tasks from the perspective of “have to”, is it comes from a negative place.  The phrase “have to” suggests to your subconscious that the task is an obligation and that it is required.  As humans we are wired to seek the positive.  If you are trying to operate from a negative point of view, it puts you in direct conflict with your subconscious.  This can cause procrastination, stress, overwhelm, and flat out rebellion.

The phrase “have to” is one that can subtly creep into our vocabulary without us even realizing it.  The truth is, there’s not much in life that we HAVE TO do but there is a lot in life that we GET TO do.  When you use the phrase “get to” you are coming from a place of gratitude and appreciation. It’s positive.

For example:

  • The house I have to clean is really the house I get to clean because I have a roof over my head.
  • The dog walk I have to do is really the exercise I get to do because I am healthy and have wonderful dogs.
  • The work I have to do is really work I get to do because I am blessed to have clients that want to work with me.

When I began looking at each task from a place of gratitude, I became way more productive, my follow through improved, and I was able to find the joy in the task.  Talk about a total mind shift!

Exercise is something we “get to” do and I recommend you pick movement that you enjoy.  However, even a routine that’s fun can seem like a chore if we look at it as an obligation rather than  a choice.  Next time you tell someone (or yourself) it’s time for you to exercise, remember to say I “get to” exercise today and see how your perspective begins to shift.

Life is a precious gift, a gift that is much more enjoyable when we choose to see it that way.

Here’s to a week filled with things you “get to” do!

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