Strengthen and Stabilize With This One Move

I’m a huge fan of exercises that strengthen your muscles and help improve stability. You only have so much time to exercise. Exercises that move multiple body parts (functional) are not only a great way to save time, they are usually going to serve you better when it comes to every day life and how your body functions. In today’s video I demonstrate the Reverse Lunge performed with a Single Arm Bicep Curl. This move will challenge your core stability while strengthening and toning your muscles.

Click below to watch the video and make it a great week!


P.S. This exercise is not intended to be a substitute for anything a medial professional has prescribed you. It is recommended that you consult a physician prior to starting a new exercise routine. 🙂

How To Perform A “V” Squat

Most people only have so much time that they can or want to dedicate to their strength training routine. That is why I like simple, yet effective, exercises that you can perform anytime and anywhere. The “V” Squat is exactly that. It is simple to do and requires zero equipment. Plus, it works your legs while challenging your core. Bonus!

In the video below I demonstrate how to perform the V Squat. The video is under two minutes and whether you are a beginner or a more advanced exerciser, this move is sure to help you tone and strengthen your muscles. Enjoy the video and have a great week!

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