Online Personal Training & Virtual Coaching

A “no-fad”Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach, Jennifer Ledford has been helping people look and feel their best without dieting for over 28 years. She works with all types of people, from the stay-home mom to the corporate executive.

Jennifer’s passion is helping you find your way through all the information on weight loss and fitness in the media today. She helps you set and achieve realistic goals without creating another chore in your life and teaches you how to keep it fun and sustainable for life!

Jennifer will help you reach your healthy lifestyle and fitness goals by working with you on not just nutrition and exercise but also on your mindset.  Through her online personal training and virtual coaching, you will be able to do this in your own space and at the time that best suits you.


Online Personal Training & Virtual Coaching:

Online personal training and virtual coaching is flexible and costs less than in-home training. See the different options Jennifer has made available to you below:

Private, Semi-Private, and small group coaching are available as follows:

Private Online Personal Training & Virtual Coaching Sessions: $77 per hour session

Semi-Private Sessions (2 people – couples, siblings, friends, family, coworkers): $107 per hour session

Groups of Three Sessions (same as above): $147 per hour session

Groups of Four Sessions:


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10-Minute Workout Club™* (see details below)


coming soon $47 per month
($17 per month 3-month trial membership)



10-Minute Workout Club™

Jennifer’s heart’s desire is to be able to help as many people as possible look and feel their personal best without spending long hours at the gym. With that end in mind, she has created the 10-Minute Workout Club™.

If you’re busy and don’t have too much time to workout or if you don’t like to workout too much but can handle 10 minutes to take care of yourself and your health, this is the perfect “gym” for you!

With a 10-Minute Workout Club™ Membership, you will have access to:

  • Two (2) Brand New 10-Minute Workouts per month: a variety of workouts to not get bored with the same routine and/or plateau.
  • Direct Email Q&A: fitness is very personal… email your fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle questions to Jennifer and she will answer you directly.
  • Getting Started Ebook:  ten (10) things you can do right away to start taking good care of yourself and your health.
  • Jennifer’s Exercise Video Vault: lower body, upper body, healthy lifestyle mindset videos as well as all full 10-minute workout routine videos.



Private Online Personal Training & Virtual Coaching with Jennifer is the same service as her personal in-home private training was only now it’s done through video conferencing and some face-to-face coaching.

Private Coaching includes:

Determining what is needed to meet your goals while making sure realistic, attainable, and safe goals are made.

Making recommendations and providing guidance on exercise, nutrition, and implementing healthy lifestyle habits.

Assisting with economical/space saving tools to be able to exercise at home.

Providing a personal accountability system.


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Ever wish you could ask a personal trainer that burning question you just were not sure about? This is your chance! We will be announcing future webinars, including a Q&A with Jennifer! Make sure to provide your email address so that we can let you know when the exact dates for these are set.



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