Strengthen and Stabilize With This One Move

I’m a huge fan of exercises that strengthen your muscles and help improve stability. You only have so much time to exercise. Exercises that move multiple body parts (functional) are not only a great way to save time, they are usually going to serve you better when it comes to every day life and how your body functions. In today’s video I demonstrate the Reverse Lunge performed with a Single Arm Bicep Curl. This move will challenge your core stability while strengthening and toning your muscles.

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P.S. This exercise is not intended to be a substitute for anything a medial professional has prescribed you. It is recommended that you consult a physician prior to starting a new exercise routine. ūüôā

Tone And Strengthen Your Lower Body

Three Moves To Help You Tone and Strengthen Your Lower Body by Jennifer Ledford

You don’t have to go to the gym or spend a ton of time working out¬†to tone and strengthen your lower body. ¬†In the short video below I demonstrate three lower body exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere and they’ll take you less than ten minutes to perform. ¬†You can even do these during a break¬†¬†at work if you want to.

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčTake a moment to watch the¬†video and if you have any questions for me you can post them on my Facebook page or in the comment section of my website.

Here’s to a fit and fantastic week!

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Jennifer Ledford


Tone And Strengthen Your Lower Body

Add Variety To Your Leg Routine With This Squat Exercise

Add Variety To Your Leg Routine With This Squat Exercise by Jennifer Ledford

If you exercise¬†regularly, it’s easy to get into the routine¬†of doing the same set of exercises every time. ¬†I’ll be the first one¬†to tell you that doing¬†the same exercises every time you workout¬†will always be better than¬†doing nothing at all. However,¬†there is something to be said for adding a bit of variety to your workout routine.

Adding new activities to your routine can challenge your muscles, your nervous system, and your brain.  One of the easiest ways to challenge yourself physically and mentally is to move the body in multiple directions during a workout.

Adding Variety To Your Squats

In today’s video I demonstrate how to move “side to side” while performing squats. ¬†I’ve added some upper body work as well. ¬†It’s a simple exercise that¬†helps tone and strengthen the legs,¬†glutes, back, and abs. ¬†That’s a lot of return for a small investment of your time!

Enjoy the video and have a great week!

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Jennifer Ledford