How to perform split squats and why you want to do them

Jennifer Ledford - How To Perform Split Squats - Functional Fitness - Lower Body Exercises

From time to time I’ll have a new client ask me about the benefits of performing squats. I’m always glad that they ask because I personally believe it’s much easier to stick to an exercise when you understand the benefit and the purpose behind it.

In reality, most of the population perform squats all day long. Sitting in a chair, getting into a car, gardening, using the restroom, and playing with small children are all good examples of everyday activities that include squatting.

One of the most valuable things a personal trainer can do for a client is to help them achieve their personal goals regarding health and fitness. This usually includes helping the client build and/or maintain the strength to be able to perform their everyday tasks and the recreational activities that they enjoy. This type of training is often referred to as “functional fitness.”

Whether your desire is to look more toned, get involved in sports, maintain a leisure activity you enjoy, travel well into your golden years, live independently for as long as possible, or any other physical fitness goal you may have, functional strength training can help in a big way.

In today’s video I demonstrate how to perform one of my favorite functional strength training exercises, the split squat. I teach this exercise to clients of all different ages and levels of fitness.

Why You Want To Do Split Squats

Split Squats are an important exercise when it comes to functional fitness because it’s one of the best ways to get up off the floor. They are also a great way to keep the lower body strong and looking toned. A little vanity now and then can be a great motivator to help us take care of ourselves. 🙂

Take a moment to watch the video and I recommend saving this email in a folder for easy reference the next time you want to watch it.

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