Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from Jennifer Ledford - Certified Personal Trainer and Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Happy Fourth of July!

Tomorrow we celebrate our nation’s independence and take a moment to remember the men and women who sacrificed much – and in many cases EVERYTHING – for the freedoms we enjoy today.  Let us never take for granted that this great nation allows us to pursue life, liberty, and happiness each and every day.  For that, I am truly grateful!

Whether you are at a big celebration or spending it quietly at home, freedom is always something that can be celebrated in our hearts.  🙂  Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday.

God bless you and America!

Shared with love,


Tis The Season To Be Good To Yourself

ledford0416-7746 - Be Good To Yourself This Holiday Season

One of the things I love so much about the holiday season is that it focuses on giving.  This season, I recommend giving yourself a gift and that’s the gift of grace.

All too often, we criticize ourselves for being less than perfect.  Thoughts like “I should have mailed the Christmas cards earlier,” “I should have been more patient with my spouse and/or children,” or “I should be exercising instead of watching dog videos on Facebook” not only rear their ugly heads during the holiday season they can follow us into the new year.

Guilty thoughts that attempt to beat us up usually come from a desire to be perfect.  And, even though most of us know that perfection is impossible, much of the”professional” advertising we see focuses on displaying perfection as a form of happiness or acceptance.  Thank goodness for social media!  Live raw video helps to remind us that nobody is perfect and to give ourselves a break.

Be Good To Yourself this holiday season

No matter how good you get at fending off the guilty voices that like to haunt all of us, they will show up from time to time.  When a guilty thought enters your mind I recommend taking a moment to ask yourself where it’s coming from.  If it’s a habit you know that you need to change, forgive yourself and tell yourself you’ll do better next time.  If you’re feeling guilty about something that is based on society’s opinion of you, it may be something you need to shake off and tell yourself you don’t give a flip what others think.  For example, you just ate a chocolate chip cookie full of gluten and loved it!  There should never be guilt attached to food.  Period.  🙂

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life and Lord knows, I’ll make more.  One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from people older and wiser than me is that no matter how many times you beat yourself up, you can’t change the past.  Most of the time the issue causing the guilt is no big deal.  If it’s something that involves others and you need to apologize then I recommend doing so.  If your mistake or failure was a doozy (and I’ve had a few of those) then learn from the mistake and do better next time.

What’s important to remember at all times is that no one is perfect and that if you are doing your very best to be a good person and move forward in your life each day, that is good enough.

Here’s to a wonderful and guilt-free holiday season and new year!

Shared with love,

Easy ways to maintain your weight during the holidays

Easy ways to maintain weight during the holidays by Jennifer Ledford

Thanksgiving is in just a few days and all of the Christmas catalogs are showing up on my doorstop.  For many, the holiday season is a time that is spent with family and friends feasting and enjoying seasonal foods.

One of the ways I maintain my weight is I do not restrict myself.  I maintain the mindset that I can do whatever I want when I want to.  By taking restrictions off of yourself you take away the scarcity which allows you to settle into a place of free will rather than some diet having authority over you.  If I know I can eat pie anytime I want to it’s not that big of a deal for me when they show up around the weekends.  I tend to lean toward more savory foods so by allowing myself to taste a little bit of everything, I can go back for the things I really enjoy .

This holiday season I want you to enjoy yourself and enter into it with a sense of peace around food.  I want you to have fun!

In today’s video I share one simple tip on how to approach food during the holiday season without depriving yourself.  Take a moment to watch it and have a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter how you decide to spend it.

I am thankful for you!

Shared with love,
Jennifer Ledford