Seven Easy Ways To Exercise During The Holidays

Finding yourself struggling to squeeze in exercise during the holiday season? You’re normal! The good news is it doesn’t have to be a struggle for you. There are plenty of easy ways to work exercise into your day during the holidays.

Seven Easy Ways to Exercise During the Holidays

1)  Shopping! Walking while you shop is a great way to exercise during the holidays. To get the most out of a shopping trip, try taking breaks and bringing your packages back to the car in between stores. Consider wearing a pedometer to help motivate you to take those extra steps.

2)  Baking! Standing burns more calories than sitting, so working in the kitchen counts. Make sure to avoid the temptation to taste test too often. Have a low cal snack nearby to keep you from being too tempted.

3)  Deck the halls! Hauling boxes out of the attic and putting up decorations indoors and outdoors is a great way to get festive while logging your exercise minutes for the day.

4)  Cleaning! You may not be able to make that circuit class, but you know you have to clean the house before guests arrive. No worries! Cleaning house counts as lifestyle exercise. Turn on some music and keep a steady pace going to maximize caloric burn. Just don’t forget to take water breaks!

5)  Get some fresh air! Step outside and go for a walk.  Even if it’s just a short one. Something is always better than nothing!

6)  Let it snow! Fun in the snow isn’t just for down hill skiers. Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, walking, sledding, ice skating, and hiking, are all examples of ways you can have fun outdoors while getting your exercise.

Invite family and friends to join you for outdoor activities. This will help you combine family and/or social time with exercise. Don’t be afraid to go solo if you don’t have any takers. Recreation alone can be used as relaxing time you spend on your own.

7)  Listen to your mother! Seriously, standing up straight burns more calories than slouching. For an extra workout try keeping your stomach muscles tight while standing. Take advantage of moments like waiting in line or standing at a cocktail party to work those stomach muscles!

Take the pressure off of yourself. Shoot for 30 minutes per day total. Every minute counts at the end of the week. Studies have actually shown that people that took 3 ten minute walks per day showed an improvement in blood pressure because they were moving more often throughout the day.

Please understand, I’m not suggesting you quit your current exercise routine if you exercise longer than ten minutes. What I’m saying is the more you move throughout the day, the more you benefit. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to move your body. Whether it’s part of a formal exercise routine, or shoveling snow in your front driveway.

The most important thing is to have fun this holiday season!

Blessings to you and yours!



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