Why It’s Good To Be Spontaneous Some Of The Time

Why It's Good To Be Spontaneous Some Of The Time

Let’s face it, playing in the grownup sandbox requires a certain amount of planning.  Being organized helps you maintain your responsibilities, accomplish your goals, and relieve stress in your life so it makes perfect sense to stick to a schedule.  However, living a life wrapped around a tightly planned scheduled with little room for flexibility can actually begin to steal your joy and cause stress in your life.

While organization has its place, so does being spontaneous when it comes to living a balanced life.  A little spontaneity in your life is good for your mind, body, and soul no matter what type of personality you have.  It’s really important for our health and well being that we all learn to go with the flow from time to time.

My husband and I recently moved back to the California Coast and the weather can change from day to day which means great weather can show up on a work day.  On the days that we have “beautiful weather” we do our best to pack a blanket and some wine and head over to the beach even if it’s only for an hour.  Sometimes these outings are planned, other times they are last-minute decisions.  When these moments are spontaneous, they can feel more adventurous and we come back feeling refreshed and less confined by our adult schedules.  I’ve noticed that by being adaptable in my personal life, it helps me to be more relaxed when it comes to more business-related issues.  You get really good at behaviors that you continue to practice.  🙂

Spontaneous moments can be as big or as small as you want them to be.  They can be as simple as taking a moment to have a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, sitting outside on your balcony watching a sunset, making a nice cheese plate and having a glass wine alone or with others, or as grand as taking a last-minute vacation.  One of my favorite spontaneous moments at our house is when my husband suggests we go out to dinner after a long week.  It’s amazing how taking a break from cooking and stepping away from all of our responsibilities for just a few hours can be so refreshing.

Ways You Can Be Spontaneous

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be very difficult to be spontaneous so one of the things I like to recommend is planned spontaneity.  When you plan your spontaneity, you set aside time to do something like take a drive, go to the park, play with your kids, have an indoor picnic, ride your bike, take your dog for a walk on a different street, or eat out.  The spontaneous part is that not every little detail of whatever you decide to do is planned and there are no tight schedules.

It’s important to be responsible and to work toward your goals.  It’s also important to have fun and to be adventurous.  Some of the most precious memories you will create may end up being a result of moments when you were willing to be flexible and spontaneous.

Here’s to a fun, productive, and adventurous week!

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