Strengthen and Stabilize With This One Move

I’m a huge fan of exercises that strengthen your muscles and help improve stability. You only have so much time to exercise. Exercises that move multiple body parts (functional) are not only a great way to save time, they are usually going to serve you better when it comes to every day life and how your body functions. In today’s video I demonstrate the Reverse Lunge performed with a Single Arm Bicep Curl. This move will challenge your core stability while strengthening and toning your muscles.

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P.S. This exercise is not intended to be a substitute for anything a medial professional has prescribed you. It is recommended that you consult a physician prior to starting a new exercise routine. ūüôā

Why Having Good Balance Matters

Simple Exercises For Good Balance by Jennifer Ledford

Good balance is a function that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Good balance helps you stay upright, gives you the confidence to participate in the activities you enjoy, is important for your safety — and, as you age, affects your ability to live independently.

While “balance training” may not always sound as exciting as other types of exercise, having good balance helps you maintain your quality of life. That’s why it’s a good idea to incorporate balance exercises into your fitness routine… even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

In today’s video, I share two balance exercises you can use to help improve and/or maintain your balance. ¬†Take a moment to watch the video and then try the exercise that fits your level of fitness.

Here’s to a long and balanced life!

Shared with Love,
Jennifer Ledford


Two simple exercises for good balance


Do You Have Good Balance?

The Importance of Good Balance


How would you rate your balance and/or ability to regain it in an emergency or while performing daily activities? Do you feel confident when you walk outside the home or go up and down stairs?

Balance literally impacts your quality of life. If you are afraid of falling, you risk missing out on things that you enjoy due to the fear. Good balance is also important for your safety  and as you age, affects your ability to live independently.

This past weekend, Matthew and I were blessed enough to be able to watch the Blue Angels from the small island we live on. It reminded me of the year we watched them perform from a boat in the middle of the bay.

What I’m about to share next is the important part of the story.

Training Your Brain


Some of the guests on the boat were retirement age. I watched them on the boat and noticed that they had great balance.  When we would hit a strong wave, they would regain their balance easily. No one ever fell!

It was a great example of how a recreational sport helped them continually train a necessary daily function. You see, they spend time on boats, and by doing so, they are constantly stimulating their nervous systems and training their muscles to react quickly. So by having fun they were also improving their balance.

Not sure if you’ve got good balance? Use a simple test. Try standing on one foot and counting to 10 (make sure you have something to hold on to if necessary).¬† See what happens. ¬†If you can’t hold it for the full 10 seconds, you’ll want to improve your balance. The good news is, it’s easy!

It’s Never Too Late to Regain Good Balance


All it takes is adding some balance training a few minutes a day. ¬†I’ve helped many clients overcome poor balance and fear of falling in their senior years.

If you haven’t been doing any balance work, you will want to start slowly for safety reasons. Try standing on a pillow on¬†one foot. Remember to have something to hold on to if necessary, and make sure there is nothing sharp around you that you could fall on.

You will be surprised at how well your nervous system responds with some repetition! A 60 year old can have the balance of a 40 year old by keeping consistent with balance training.

If you know you have great balance then make sure you preserve it. Engage in activities that require you to move in different directions and challenge your stability. This will keep your nervous system trained for life!

Have a favorite balance exercise or a question? Please leave a comment below! I enjoy hearing from you!

Blessings to you and yours!