Tone And Strengthen Your Core With This One Move

Strengthen Your Core

Last week I was battling a cold of some sort so I took my own advice and decided to get some rest.   I didn’t want to show up empty-handed without a fitness tip for you this week so I went into the video archives and pulled out two exercise videos that are timeless.

Today’s videos feature the “Bridge” exercise and “Marching in a Bridge.”  If you’ve been doing bridges for a while and they are getting easy for you, marching in a bridge will help you take your core routine to the next level.  If you’re just getting started then I recommend you start with the basic bridge and then work your way up to the more advanced bridge.  Both are very effective when it comes to strengthening and toning your “core.”

Three of my favorite things about bridging exercises are you don’t need any equipment, you can pretty much do them anywhere, and you get great results when you do them.  That’s a winning combination when it comes to weaving exercise into your daily lifestyle.

Scroll down to watch the videos and have a fun and fit week!

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Add Variety To Your Leg Routine With This Squat Exercise

Add Variety To Your Leg Routine With This Squat Exercise by Jennifer Ledford

If you exercise regularly, it’s easy to get into the routine of doing the same set of exercises every time.  I’ll be the first one to tell you that doing the same exercises every time you workout will always be better than doing nothing at all. However, there is something to be said for adding a bit of variety to your workout routine.

Adding new activities to your routine can challenge your muscles, your nervous system, and your brain.  One of the easiest ways to challenge yourself physically and mentally is to move the body in multiple directions during a workout.

Adding Variety To Your Squats

In today’s video I demonstrate how to move “side to side” while performing squats.  I’ve added some upper body work as well.  It’s a simple exercise that helps tone and strengthen the legs, glutes, back, and abs.  That’s a lot of return for a small investment of your time!

Enjoy the video and have a great week!

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How to Perform Mountain Climbers

How To Perform Mountain Climbers by Jennifer LedfordMy hope is that you’ve never had to recover from an injury. However, if you have had to recover from an injury you may know that it can hinder your weight loss and strength training efforts. It can even take time away from your professional and/or personal life.

It’s no secret that in order to build strength and tone the body it’s important to challenge your muscles. It’s also important to challenge your body with proper progression and to create a routine that is appropriate for you personally. Proper and safe progression is one of the best ways to prevent injuries while exercising.

Over the years I’ve helped clients build strength and tone their bodies in a way that is safe for them. Sometimes that means I need to teach a modified version of an exercise. Especially the higher intensity or high impact exercises.

In today’s video I demonstrate how to perform a popular exercise called “Mountain Climbers” without all of the impact. The modification in this video makes the exercise more accessible without removing the benefit. It’s still a challenging and advanced move that will give you great results.

I realize that you may not be ready to jump into “Mountain Climbers” just yet so I’ve included a second video. It was done for my live audience on Facebook and demonstrates how to perform a proper plank. If you are a beginner and planks are new for you, I recommend you watch the second video first. Once you can hold the plank for thirty seconds you should be ready to advance to Mountain Climbers.

I recommend watching both videos even if you are a seasoned exerciser.  It never hurts to get a refresher on good form.

Enjoy the video and make it a great week!

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