A Great Lower Body Exercise: The Wide Stance Squat

It looks like we have one more good reason to strength train.  Current studies are suggesting that it can improve memory.  Woo-hoo!

I currently work with seniors that are struggling with memory loss.  One of the individuals is a close family member.  Memory loss can be very frustrating for the person dealing with it and a serious challenge for their family members and caregivers.

The good news is that strength and endurance training is showing great promise when it comes to battling this disease.

In today’s video I share a simple exercise that can help you get started.  It’s called a wide stance squat and it helps target your lower body.  I didn’t want to leave your upper body out so I’ve added a BONUS at the end.

May your week be blessed in every way!

With love,
Jennifer Ledford

The Easy Way To Do Squats

Squats!  They’re something we do on a daily basis.  Every time you sit down in a chair, drive your car, or use the restroom you are performing a squat.  They are one of the most important strength moves that you will ever maintain.

The great thing about squats is that you don’t need any fancy fitness equipment.  You can pretty much do them anywhere you want to.

I’ve been teaching and coaching clients for over twenty six years and I understand that life can get busy for you.  The simpler it is to weave exercise into your day, the easier it is to make it a part of your daily life for the long term.  My private clients that have super busy schedules are often surprised at the positive results they see after doing ten to twenty minutes of exercise on a daily basis.  It’s the consistency that counts!

In  this short video I share two simple squat exercises that you can use at your office, in your home, or outdoors.  These exercises are useful to all levels of fitness.  For the beginner, the exercises will help you build up strength, and for the more advanced exerciser, you can use these moves as a way to keep your body moving and muscle memory on track.

To your health and fitness!