How To Perform The Bird Dog and Strengthen Your Core With This One Move

How To Perform The Bird Dog by Jennifer Ledford

Staying strong is important.  However, so is having fun and enjoying your summer.  Most people would rather not spend a beautiful summer day in the gym but would still like to squeeze in a few strength training moves here and there during the day.  If that’s you, body weight exercises are a great way to make that happen.

Most body weight exercises can be performed almost anywhere and they require little to no equipment.  Even if you love going to the gym, they are a great substitute for your favorite piece of equipment on the days you can’t make it to the gym, while you are traveling, or while you are waiting in line.

In today’s video I demonstrate a timeless exercise called the “bird dog.”  This exercise is a great way to tone and strengthen your core and upper body.  It requires no equipment and you can perform it anywhere that you feel comfortable being on your knees.  NO gym required.

​​​​​​​Enjoy the video and have a fantastic week!

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How To Perform The Bird Dog and Strengthen Your Core With This One Move

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Tone And Strengthen Your Core With This One Move

Strengthen Your Core

Last week I was battling a cold of some sort so I took my own advice and decided to get some rest.   I didn’t want to show up empty-handed without a fitness tip for you this week so I went into the video archives and pulled out two exercise videos that are timeless.

Today’s videos feature the “Bridge” exercise and “Marching in a Bridge.”  If you’ve been doing bridges for a while and they are getting easy for you, marching in a bridge will help you take your core routine to the next level.  If you’re just getting started then I recommend you start with the basic bridge and then work your way up to the more advanced bridge.  Both are very effective when it comes to strengthening and toning your “core.”

Three of my favorite things about bridging exercises are you don’t need any equipment, you can pretty much do them anywhere, and you get great results when you do them.  That’s a winning combination when it comes to weaving exercise into your daily lifestyle.

Scroll down to watch the videos and have a fun and fit week!

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Elbow Plank: Ab Exercise To Help You Tighten Your Core

Elbow Plank - Ab Exercise To Help You Tighten Your Core by Jennifer Ledford

Planks are a popular exercise in the personal training world.  They are simple to learn, very effective, and you can do them almost anywhere.

Because the plank strengthens all of your core, not just your abdominals, it teaches your body’s muscles to work together which helps you move more efficiently when performing other activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, biking, etc.  It also helps with strengthening and improving posture which can assist in preventing back pain.

In today’s video I demonstrate how to perform an elbow plank with a knee tap.  This exercise is a little more challenging than your traditional plank.  However, it’s not so over the top that it’s impossible to perform. Take a moment to watch the video and if it’s right for you add it to your routine two to three times per week.  I know you’ll be happy with the results!

Here’s to having strong muscles that allow you to do the things you love!

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ELBOW PLANK: Ab Exercise To Help You Tighten Your Core