A short workout you can do at home or on the go

A Short Workout You Can Do At Home or On The Go by Certified Personal Trainer Jennifer Ledford

It’s been almost four months since I broke my foot and I’m happy to announce that the break is healed and I’m now transitioning back into strength training.  This means that I’m ready to start filming exercise videos for you again.  Whoo-hoo!

In today’s video I share a mini workout you can do in under ten minutes.  It features three exercises that work your lower and upper body all at the same time.  You can perform the exercises pretty much anywhere so there’s no need to go to the gym or make it formal.

Whether you’re someone that needs a short workout when you’re pressed for time, not yet ready to commit a whole lot of time to exercise, or not that crazy about working out but you know you can handle ten minutes, this video is perfect for you.

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Have a great week!

Shared with love,
Jennifer Ledford