Strengthen Your Core With This Nontraditional Move

I believe it’s a good idea to spice up your exercise routine from time to time.  Health and fitness is constantly evolving.  Especially when it comes to functional fitness and training your core.  Traditional exercises like sit-ups and crunches have their place in a fitness routine, but they only offer so much when it comes to training your core.

Since most of your daily activities are performed in an upright position, performing core exercises while standing can be a more effective way to build overall strength, tone your muscles, and improve functional fitness.  That doesn’t mean floor work is wrong or not worth your time, it simply means it’s a good idea to add some standing core work to your routine.

In today’s video I share a nontraditional standing exercise that will help to tone and strengthen your core. It can also help improve balance and coordination.  That’s a lot of great exercise in a short amount of time!

Take a moment to watch the short video below. It’s a great exercise and I’m super excited to share it with you.


P.S. Disclaimer: The content in this video is not intended to replace any exercises prescribed to you by a medical professional. It is recommended that you consult with a physician prior to starting any new exercise routines. Other than that, have a blast!

Two Simple Exercises For Good Posture

Two Simple Exercises That Help Improve Your Posture by Certified Personal Trainer and Healthy Lifestyle Coach Jennifer Ledford - Good Posture

I’m guessing that at some point and time while you were growing up, someone in your life encouraged you to stand up straight and maintain good posture.  If so, that was really good advice.

Posture can influence your day in many ways.  Poor posture can cause you to have lower self-esteem and affect your health in a negative way.

However, good posture can boost your confidence, give you more energy, help you breathe better, and protect your spine.

In the video below, I share two simple exercises that can help you improve your posture.  These exercises can be performed at home, at the gym, or on the go so they are easy to fit into your daily life.

Enjoy the video and have a blessed week!

Shared with Love,
Jennifer Ledford

Two Simple Exercises for good Posture


Three Upper Body Exercises To Strengthen And Tone

Three Upper Body Exercises To Strengthen And Tone

Need a quick workout to strengthen and tone your back and arms?  I’ve got you covered.

In the video below I demonstrate three upper body exercises you can perform almost anywhere.  All you need is a set of free weights.  If you don’t have any weights just yet, you can start by performing the exercises without weights or use a pair of sixteen ounce unopened water bottles.

Free weights can be ordered from companies like Amazon and Power Systems or you can find them them at your local sporting goods stores.

If you like to be frugal and/or don’t like seeing usable stuff go into landfill, online community bulletin boards like Nextdoor and Freecycle are great places to find free fitness equipment.​​​​​​​

Enjoy the video and have a fun and fit week!

Shared with Love,
Jennifer Ledford